Daily Stuntz 11/25 — Podcasts

For a number of years I have listened to podcasts on everything from business to cybersecurity to the NBA to Tim Ferriss (personal development?) to leadership and lots more. I continue to enjoy them and have a large backlog that I try to whittle down with limited success.

But as I am trying to go deeper on fewer things rather than skim the surface of more things and am not commuting, I am rethinking the role of podcasts and what to focus on. Should they be cut way down with a new focus on entertainment and current events because books and other more detailed options are available for learning and studying? Should they be focused on conversations between people where the combination of perspectives might generate something new? Should I eliminate stuff about sports or music to focus on more “productive” subjects?

I will likely try a few new tactics around podcasts as I in general try to figure out the right information ecosystem (books, podcasts, blogs, newspapers, tv, etc) for 2020 and beyond. If anyone has found success on refining podcasts or their information ecosystem please send it over.

Trying to figure things out working at the intersection of cybersecurity, business, and government